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The Six String Siren – Diana Rein

albumcovercdbaby-1024x1024The multi-talented Diana Rein has struck again!

Born in Romania and raised in Chicago, Diana is best known to her fans as the six-string siren.

She started a career as an actress (“Home Alone” series) and, being an unstoppable creative person, has already released her first short  movie”Gypsy Gift” in 2014.

But she is also a very gifted songwriter, singer and guitar player. Although it is mentioned that Stevie Ray Vaughan was one of her biggest inspirations and the reason she took upon the blues, it is even more clear that she rises to stand next to Bonnie Raitt.

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Lost Treasures: Peter Evrard returns with 10Rogue

1200x630bf-as-Smart-Object-1Peter may be mostly known for his appearance in the first Belgian edition of Idols, winning the competition with his unique style, defying the rules so far. He represented Belgium at the International World Idol contest, winning bronze medal! But before these achievements he already fronted several local bands like Disobedient, Soultaker, Uncle Meat/Toner.Unfortunately the world is not always waiting for something new and refreshing, so he got into oblivion after leaving us two gems: “Rhubarb” and “Radio Honolulu”.

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TyLean : My Halloween Sonic Event


I survived Hallows’ Eve, once again

Although something crept upon me Between 10 and 2

Spiders … Caught in their web

I felt numb Continue reading »

My Bloody Shoegazers

Today I had another listen to Loveless, the second or according to Rolling Stone even fourth album of My Bloody Valentine.


I had forgotten about it for years, and now I know why. Bought it because it charted as an important shoegaze album, a masterpiece even, an album not to be missed in your collection. La vie en Rose and Pink, ultimate soundtrack to the Higher Grounds. I listened to the album in full, and still don’t see the reason to call this a masterpiece. Not even a piece: files now under “dismissed”. Forever. Hmm, think I have a listen to Forever Changes then.

For those who want to sacrifice their ears and time to this album, try the backward version, which is very good indeed! And the lyrics do come through for once.

Moody Blues with Adalita

After rising out from the Australian “Magic Dirt”, guitarist and singer Adalita released her second solo album “All Day Venus” in 2013. Her work is in the same league as PJ Harvey and Patti Smith.

Adalita’s music is still permeated with the feeling of loss. The sound lingers between bare blues and exotic noise, adding to this a flavour of Manic Depression. Haunting at times, lovable or desperate at others, this is the “real blues with a feeling”.



Born Adalita Srsen, she was selected by Australia’s Double J radio station for an “Artist in Residence” role in 2014. Her individual episodes were titled “Heartache & Pain” and “The Dark Side”. Said ’nuff. Now have a listen. Quitely, in the dark. No more looking back. We can only hope a sequel will be released very soon.

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Renaissance is back with Jenny O’Connor

Recently I came across an interesting musician.  I think I was googling into the Steampunk World, and suddenly was struck by an amazing “role player fiddler”. A truly “hot violinist”. Huh? It seems she (Jenny O’Connor) is already in the music bizz for several years, having recorded an awesome 8 albums with two different bands, E Muzeki and now Circa Paleo.
Jenny OConnor
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Vanilla Fudge, anybody?

Vanilla-Fudge 1

Spring is in the air. Concert season starts again. And thus a bunch of CD releases is seeing the light. First on the list is the brand new material from “The” Vanilla Fudge, “Spirit of ’67”, not to be confused with the sixth studio album by the same name by American pop rock group Paul Revere & the Raiders. It is the Fudge’s first “new” album in eight years, though only containing covers from those old goodies.
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