Listen in Colours : GREEN

Dive into your CD collection and pick some with the same basic sleeve colour. This is exactly what I did recently, and it brought back some forgotten gems.

“When you see the sun” by The Jason Bonham Band versus Motörhead’s “Overnight Sensation” (not to be confused with “Over-Nite Sensation” from that other guy …).



Jason Bonham is one of rock’s most noticable power-drummer, just like his father. This album showcases the talent of both, being a collection of original songs mostly written by Jason and co-producer Marti Frederiksen, latter well known as lead vocalist for the fictitious band Stillwater in the movie “Almost Famous”.

But it is nice to feel the warm embrace of Bonzo wandering around (“Out on the prey” – or into the Soundgarden … – “Carouselambra and “D’yer Ma’ker” included). “Your Day Will Come” starts like Led Zep‘s “In the Evening” and shakes hands with their “Communication Breakdown”, as does “Can’t Go On” with echo-delay effect spread out thru Led Zeppelin’s seventh album Presence, while Physical Graffiti lurks around the corner. “Turning Back The Time” leans towards Uncle Bob on his Manic Nirvana experience (“I cried”). These aren’t covers, these are genuine powerful songs with a very high level of musicianship. Once again, it ain’t a bad thing to sound a bit like somebody else, especially when we’re talking ’bout this lead machine. Finally let’s put up our hands also for the splendid guitar work by co-writer Tony Catania, who delivers throughout the whole of the album and excels on the instrumental “The Unknown”.

“Overnight Sensation” was already Lemmy‘s 13th child, and saw the band returning to a three-man “classic Motörhead line up”; Mickey Dee on drums, Lemmy on bass guitar/vocals, Phil Campbell on lead guitar. The cover is noticable for the absence of Lemmy’s friendly mutton chops. Albeit most of the songs did not reach the legendary live status like Bomber, Ace of Spades or Overkill, the album contains some of their best material, ever. The album is truly dark-metallic. “Civil War” and “Crazy Like a Fox” immediately take you by the troath with every emotion of your inner self, followed by the supreme “I Don’t Believe a Word”: Lemmy goes Phil Lynott and even improves on it. A song to be put high in every metal chart! The title track makes Lemmy catch up with Texas rockers ZZ Top and oh wonder one can even spot some acoustic strings! “Love Can’t Buy You Money” crosses borders with Guns N’ Roses and Aerosmith, without losing battle.  Another acoustically driven song, “Listen to Your Heart”, ends the album (listen closely to the bass riff, reminiscent of “Stone Dead Forever”). No, it is not a Roxette cover.

A worthwhile experience. Brought back some songs to the heart, I’ll put them on a special list not to be forgotten again. Tomorrow s another day: I’ll choose blue instead.

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