Lost Treasures: Peter Evrard returns with 10Rogue

1200x630bf-as-Smart-Object-1Peter may be mostly known for his appearance in the first Belgian edition of Idols, winning the competition with his unique style, defying the rules so far. He represented Belgium at the International World Idol contest, winning bronze medal! But before these achievements he already fronted several local bands like Disobedient, Soultaker, Uncle Meat/Toner.Unfortunately the world is not always waiting for something new and refreshing, so he got into oblivion after leaving us two gems: “Rhubarb” and “Radio Honolulu”.

His debut album “Rhubarb” was produced by Golden Earring’s guitarist George Kooymans in 2003 and topped the charts for several weeks. Also his second (and until recently last album) “Radio Honolulu” charted more than 10 weeks.

Listening again to his second album last week while driving in my car, it totally surprised me, again, to notice the quality of his singing, fitting perfectly into every song of this wide palette of musical genres.

The album kicks off with a funny jingle “Radio Honolulu”, and wades thru real Grunge roots (“Catch 22”), screaming Soundgarden all over the place, nu-punk (“Deaf Dumb Blind”), a rejuvenated Race against the Machine in “Leap of Faith”, even a touch of Led Zeppelin meats Grunge (“Mud”). “Avalanche”: snearing rock with a touch of Pain of Salvation.

The heavy load blends smoothly with lovely acoustic tones in “Take the money and run” and definitely “What you’re fighting for”. Always with this unique Evrardian twist …

The album also contains two majestic ballads: “Let me take you through the night” and the end-song “Silence”:, leading into the calm of the sea: suprises me everytime, calms me down!

Recommended listening: “What you’re fighting for”

It brought back memories, and a shame that it seemed to be over and done. Until I read the news! To my suprise (again)! The man (in black) is back: Peter joined forces with 10Rogue.

Hear them at Rebel Rock this Saturday!

—  10Rogue  —

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