The Six String Siren – Diana Rein

albumcovercdbaby-1024x1024The multi-talented Diana Rein has struck again!

Born in Romania and raised in Chicago, Diana is best known to her fans as the six-string siren.

She started a career as an actress (“Home Alone” series) and, being an unstoppable creative person, has already released her first short  movie”Gypsy Gift” in 2014.

But she is also a very gifted songwriter, singer and guitar player. Although it is mentioned that Stevie Ray Vaughan was one of her biggest inspirations and the reason she took upon the blues, it is even more clear that she rises to stand next to Bonnie Raitt.

Her music is driven, soothing and appealing.

Following her first album, the excellent and underpraised “The Back Room”, Diana has just released a new album, “Long Road“. Mastered by Peter Duff, all twelve new tracks are written, recorded and produced by Diana Rein. Rein sings and plays almost every stringed instrument, from lead guitar to bass and rhythm guitar. If “The Back Room” was more laid-back blues with sometimes that sexy hint of The Cardigans’ Nina Persson, this one is deep-down-heavier and a statement for Diana Rein being a true-blood blues performer, here to stay.

Opening with the title track “Long Road”, an emotional song about forgiveness and starting over, it is clear that Diana is laying down her soul in every work she produces (alike her short “Gypsy Gift”). Next is “Wild One”,  witch rough riffs that remind us of John Campbell, with a definitive nod to SRV.  “Livin Loud” gives us the blues fever, haunting as it creeps along with every note and tempo change. In “Green Light” Stevie Ray watches over her shoulders again, and I’m sure he approves every raunchy second of it. The tempo is kept until the wonderful ballad “Don’t Walk Away” in which Rein walks through her darkest hour …

Then she turns into Jimi Hendrix with a splendid guitar intro and solo on “Come Back Home”, a huge but effective contrast to the supreme balladry on “Wicked”. The heavy “Down Down Down” takes us to hell and back, Rein is very wicked on this album indeed!

But in the end, the whole world stops in this ultimate moment of “Peace”, a guitar instrumental written after the death of Diana’s beloved dog, Zoe. Since one of my dogs has the same name, some tears dropped by. Emotionally driven, you cannot escape anymore: hence her nickname: as beautiful as Sirens were, the more dangerous they seemed and lured sailors with enchanting songs to make them crash onto the rocks they were seated upon. That’s how you feel after listening to this album: coming out of a rollercoaster, dazed and confused, and left with a satisfied feeling but still hungry for more. I would rate this 10/10.

Definitely also have a listen at her bluesy cover of the Justin Bieber song “Sorry”.


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